Thursday, December 3, 2009

What the…What’s What? More Questions...

Tandy, Rachel and Garry were fired some questions in the comments from the last post. I really can’t answer for them, except to point out that none of them have stepped forward to dispute the fact that they were tortured… made to work under duress, and that I did my best to make them all cry. Beyond that, I can’t speak for them, and honestly, I don’t know that they really look at the blog all that often, if at all.

I can answer the questions that were addressed to me.

Q. Can I sing on your next CD?

A. Not a chance. ☺ Haha!

Q. Will there be a next CD?

A. Let me consult my Magic 8 Ball… it says try again later.

Q. How did you soundproof your “studio?”

A. I didn’t. My nod to acoustics was to throw a rug on the floor and add a shelf with books opposite the recording area to break up sound.

Q. What is your favorite song on the CD?

A. That is actually a complicated question, because many of the songs have great meaning for me, either because of how they came about (The Gate), or experiences performing them (Evening Lullaby, Hush, Joseph’s Song). Some of them I love just because they were fun to play (O Holy Night)… but just for sheer listening satisfaction I love the last track, Will You Hold Me on Christmas Eve? As far as meaning goes, that song has a lot attached to it as well. I originally wrote it to be performed at a Christmas concert by Ric Starnes and Casey Vongsawad Stolze. I loved Casey with her big beautiful voice and her loving, humble personality, and she passed away quite suddenly earlier this year from cancer. I can still remember her singing that song, and how many people begged for a recording of it. She was as great a performer as she was a lovely person, and we miss her. I was not at all sure I would be able to translate that amazing experience into a suitable recording.

I think that the great job Rachel did on that song would have made Casey very happy, and it certainly made me happy. Then, as you can read in earlier posts, Garry swept in to the rescue at a very crucial time to help finish the song. I thought several times along the way that it would probably not be on the album, because it was a very difficult song to perform and record well. I think the way it came together a single week before the CDs had to be duplicated was no accident, and it made me realize once again that I was being watched over in so many ways.


  1. wow i guess i'm going to have to answer some of these questions soon! guest blog post?

  2. Rachel, you and Tandy can do a guest post if you want... just not Garry! :)

  3. Love the studio picture. It pleases the nosy girl in me.