Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Little Drummer Boy

So Tandy turned 21 yesterday. Guess where she had her birthday party... no, never mind. You will never guess. She took a bunch of friends to a soup kitchen where they worked all day! It was pretty funny because my son Casey went, and all the people who ran the soup kitchen thought he and his friend Edo were there to get community service hours (they should both have shaved before they went!) and kept getting on their case for slacking off whenever they stopped for a minute to try to get a drink... haha! Awesome. The other thing Tandy wanted to do for her birthday was to have some friends come over to my place to record a song they sang for a young adult fireside last week.

I wasn’t really sure how my microphone would pick up ten people at once... overall, I was pleasantly surprised. So now, a bonus for you: direct from my house to yours, The Little Drummer Boy. Happy birthday, Miss Tandy!


  1. What a beautiful rendition! The microphone took it well I'd say. :)

  2. My mom's favorite Christmas song! This is a great rendition.

  3. That was phenomenal!I loved it! So many talented people. I love this blog