Tuesday, October 13, 2009

...And Now For Something a Little Different

Some things are never finished, it seems. I thought I put “The Gate” to bed weeks and weeks ago. But it was not quite right somehow. So this week I have taken it apart and changed the accompaniment entirely. If you want to listen to the original version, you will find it in the playlist over at the Welcome Mat. But this is how I wanted to hear this song. No… it is not, strictly speaking, a Christmas song. But it will be on the Christmas CD just the same.

The painting is “Gardens Beyond Autumn Gate” by Thomas Kinkade. It is what I picture when I listen.

Following are the words, inspired by Matt. 7:13-14 in the New Testament, as well as this beautiful chapter in the Book of Mormon: 2 Nephi 31.

The Gate

I am just a wayward child
I wander in winding paths
Through dark and danger.
There is one who calls me
To walk in the way of truth and love.

But I am not alone.
The Savior lights my way,
Leads me through the narrow gate
To everlasting day.

I am not the only one
To struggle in unbelief,
To blindly roam.
Jesus bids me find his sheep
And to bring them safely back home.

Lost, but we are not alone
The Savior lights our way.
Leads us through the narrow gate
To everlasting day.

Few there be that find the gate;
For narrow is the road.
I will walk the path that’s straight,
Then he’ll welcome me into his fold.

Lost, but I am not alone.
The Savior lights my way.
Leads me through the narrow gate
To everlasting day.

I am found,
I’m freed from worldly cares,
The Savior lights my way.
Leads me through the narrow gate
To everlasting day.


  1. I listened to it 3 times. It's that good. I can't wait until I get a CD or two or three.

  2. I absolutely love it :) Ahhh it makes me want to harmonize with it it is sooo beautiful! I like hearing it with the male voice like you originally wanted it to be too! I want a copy of the accompaniment since mine is old now haha. So good!

  3. Erin... are you in Cali? Do you WANT to come harmonize? I'm serious!!!

  4. Somewhere in ColoradoOctober 20, 2009 at 8:12 PM

    Okay... so I have gone back and forth about 18 times and listened to both versions, and at first I thought I liked the old one. But this one is almost hypntotic, the way it ends so quietly that you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for that last beautiful note. Definitely this version.

  5. I think that this version showcases how beautifully Garry sings this song, and how beautiful the words of the song are... it is all about the voice. Love it. I hope Garry has more songs on the CD!