Sunday, October 25, 2009

It Really IS All About the Baby

I have actually tried to write some secular Christmas songs. Apparently, I am not very good at it, because no matter what, they always come right back around to the baby Jesus. That is why it is called “It’s All About the Baby.” This one is about the magic of Christmas Eve, and it is called “Christmas Dream.” I hope you like it.

Christmas Dream

The stockings are hung now and it’s getting late
Tomorrow is Christmas and I just can’t wait
The presents are wrapped and tucked under the tree.
Soon I get to find out which ones are for me.

But now that I’m older I know what Christmas is for
It’s not just presents and candy; no, it’s oh, so much more
So I go to sleep now that in my dreams I may go
To a faraway place and a time long ago.

I close my eyes and I am there
Following that bright star
The shepherds hasten ‘round me
Drawing me forward
Into the stable
Pushing me closer
Until I kneel upon the straw.

And there he lies, the baby king
Snug in his manger bed
And all I want to do is
Stay there forever,
Lost in the feeling,
Be with my Savior
Warmed by the love he has for me.

Soon I am touched by the first morning light
And I can’t get the dream back now, try as I might
But the feeling still lingers, and then I know deep inside
The baby Jesus is with me
For Christmas
And every day of my life.


  1. I couldn't get it to play!!! But, if the music is nearly as beautiful as the lyrics I know I'll love it.

    I'm thrilled you've done this. It must feel so good to be almost done!

  2. I couldn't make it play either but it is a beautiful song.

  3. I played it and it is gorgeous! Is this Rachel's voice? So beautiful!!!

  4. How beautiful, This is a religious story. Love it.
    Your voice and the beautiful music is so inspirational